Shop for Vintage Furniture in D.C.

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Buying furniture for a new apartment can be difficult, especially when you are going for a vintage theme to decorate your home. Sure, Ikea, Target, or Crate & Barrel are great choices to decorate your [...]

How to Keep Any Bathroom Organized

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We talked about the advantages of having a small kitchen to help you stay organized and reduce clutter, but what about your bathroom? Bathrooms tend to be one of the most cluttered spaces in the [...]

Meet Rasika’s Newest Sibling: Bindaas

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If you enjoyed the Penn Quarter Indian restaurant with modern cuisine, Rasika, you’ll love its new sibling! Rasika is known as a restaurant with a white-table cloth setting and putting a twist on centuries-old traditional [...]

Design Trends for Small Spaces

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By thinking of innovative ways to increase storage space to reduce clutter, and using furniture and color schemes to make your space appear larger, you can have the best of urban living in a smaller [...]

The Small Kitchen Advantage

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You’re looking for a new apartment, only a few things are likely on your mind: location, price and amenities. One such apartment feature to consider is kitchen size. All of the questions begin to roll [...]

Dupont Circle’s Top 4 Night Scenes

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Nothing tops the summer night scene in D.C. From the lively area the U Street Corridor to Adams Morgan, D.C. is energetic all night long in the summer. After a long week of working hard, [...]